Monday, January 27, 2014

Rant: Forever 21+

I've been a big fan of Forever 21's plus size line since it was announced it'd be released.
I love the style, because it's modern, trendy and edgy.
However, more and more I've been starting to dislike the fit of these clothes.
It's a hit or miss.

My closest store that carries the plus line is about 45 min from where I live.
I don't always want to waste my gas and pay for parking in downtown just to be able to try on the clothing they have. I'd rather order online, which I usually just do now.

However, the sizing of Forever 21's plus size line has become so inconsistent that I'm beginning to lose my interest in even spending my money there.

I'm a solid 2X 18/20 size.

In Forever 21's plus size line, I can fit most knit tops in a 2X and woven tops in a 3X.
In pants, I fit either a 3X or 18.
Here's my concern.....
and I decided to bring all this up after my most recent order of this jacket that's on clearance:

South Bound Poncho Style Coat

I thought it looked comfy, trendy and perfect for work.
I was excited it arrived a day earlier than expected and instead of falling in love with it.
I tried it on and as soon as I put my arm through a sleeve, I was disappointed. The shoulder, arm area is extremely tight and ill fitting. I ordered this in a 3X and I can barely move my arms. In fact I tried to wear it around the house thinking, well maybe I just won't wear it out, since it doesn't "look" tight and after a while, my arms started feeling sore, that's how tight it was. The front was fine, loose like I expected. Fit around me fine.

This isn't the first time I've had an issue with Forever 21's plus size "jackets, coats, tops".
I ordered a faux leather bright blue jacket. Same issue, but it was also small around.
The main issue was the shoulder/arm area.
I ordered a knit top, a knit t shirt with studs on the shoulders.
Too tight in the arm and shoulder area, shoulder seams pulled forward and too short.
Woven collared blouse with studded shoulder.
Same issue, too tight in the shoulder/arm area.
Pants....I'm usually fine in their pants, but ordered two pairs of their colored skinnies.
Black ones fit fine, neon green fit large.

Here's the thing.
Forever 21 uses beautiful plus size models, however they're primarily pear shaped.
Usually narrow shoulders and upper torso with a larger hip area.
I'm a curvy hourglass figure.
I'm also a bit taller than your average woman and large busted and have long arms and broad shoulders.

I'm not a typical American plus sized woman.

Forever 21+ needs to figure it out.
If you're going to do plus size clothing, stay consistent with your sizing.

I'm probably going to let my mom, who's like a size Large, have this if it fits her.
I'm sure it will in the arms.
But seriously....this is starting to get to me.
I'm about to stop doing business with them.

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  1. New reader here! Very cute blog btw! Forever 21 has a bunch of new clothes coming out for spring that you should give a try. I got some very cute and comfy shorts and bathing suits. I know some stuff fits weird but I usually wait for reviews before I buy anything online for that reason.